We are a 501c3 group and are
seeking corporate enterprise
sponsors and except donations.
Jerry Thompson N.C.R.S,
Mr. Thompson has many years
experience working with people
who are recovering from drugs
and alcohol. He has many
years experience running a
drug - free living environment in
a professional manner. He has
a unique way of working with
residents and they look at Mr.
Thompson as a role model.
Benita Williams CDAC, NCRS, MISA1,
Director of Program Services
Ms. William adds a unique touch
to the environment. She has
many years setting up and
running recovery homes. She
has a direct and realistic
approach dealing with addiction.
Hand - n - Hand is a not - for -
profit agency that provides
transitional for males that are
homeless, indigent, HIV?AIDS
impacted, and/or mentally ill.

Hand - n - Hand provides
around the clock staff, meals,
NA/CA/AA meetings,
workshops, job training and
placement referrals,
substance abuse and mental
health assessments.

About Us
About Our Administrative Staff;
Together these two share a common goal. "helping the addict who still
suffers". Providing a safe, clean environment and services to the client,
allowing them to grow and become productive members of society.
Professional Affiliations

One Voice Community Coalition (OVCC)

Illinois Association of Extended Care (IAEC)

Association of halfway Houses and alcohol Programs (AHHAP)